Meet The Team

Strategy & Digital

Trevor Dudeck  he/him
Chief Strategist & Co-Founder

As Chief Strategist of Lemonade, Trevor is the agency’s number one Brand Ambassador, leading strategic agency growth efforts and day-to-day operations. He is experienced in both creative and business strategy, fusing a passion for branded content and a profound understanding of how to distribute and market the completed works of our clients. He oversees Digital Strategy and Media planning and buying for the agency. This collection of hats allows Lemonade to continuously discover new methods for driving authentic consumer engagement.

Dontae Mears  he/him
Director of Digital Strategy

Dontae comes to Lemonade with a decade of experience developing full funnel digital strategy in verticals such as Alcohol, Beauty, CPG, Entertainment, Fashion, and Gaming. His specialties lie at the intersection of Content Production, Platform Strategy, Media Buying, and Partnerships to accelerate meaningful growth and drive new revenue opportunities. Previously, he led the Mountain Dew and Game Fuel brands at PepsiCo’s Internal Content Studio. As a consultant, he’s overseen communication architecture, digital strategy, and technology stack implementation for notable DTC brands & digital publications. An early employee at VaynerMedia, Dontae was the first member of the influencer marketing team and led the growth of the department to 8-figure revenues delivering services for brands like AB-InBev, Diageo, Mondelez, Netflix, Unilever, Viacom and more.

836235_Lemonade Profile Pic_091820 copy.
Becca Verstraete  she/her
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy

Becca was born and raised in LA. So naturally, she began her career in the heart of Hollywood as part of the original social and video strategy team at BuzzFeed. Becca and her team were responsible for launching some of BuzzFeed's most recognizable sub brands across social like Tasty, Nifty, and Bring Me as well as BuzzFeed's talent pages like The Try Guys and Ladylike. She later expanded upon her skills and experience at The Walt Disney company, working as a digital content strategy analyst providing content strategy and data analysis to various digital teams across the company.

Becca is passionate about all things digital media and, like any good millennial, is obsessed with GIFs and memes.

We’ve developed a strong working relationship with many of today’s top-tier writers, designers, digital strategists, technologists, musicians, and filmmakers, allowing us to assemble the right team for every project. Please take a moment to meet some of our key players.


Amber is a social strategist with a passion for understanding the “why” behind the performance of content. Throughout her career, she has stayed on top of the publishing schedule and adjusted strategy as needed to fit the changing landscape on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. She has also managed content for large teams like BuzzFeed and NBCUniversal, supported events and launches, and created reporting structures. She has kept numerous accounts running, target audiences engaged and subscriber counts up. Amber’s passion for social strategy is topped only by her passion for board game strategy; she’s always ready for a game night.

732437_Ians profile pic4_052820.png
Ian Akehurst  he/him
Director of Marketing Analytics 

Ian focuses on integrating results & analytics into a brand's workflow to maximize the application of analytics. Previously Ian was VP, Marketing Analytics and Media at KAYAK, leading teams that planned, bought and analyzed the impact of brand investment.

He previously held roles at Omnicom Media Group and GroupM where he ran analytics teams and helped develop media planning and optimization software. Ian is a husband, father and in his spare time attempts to be an active triathlete.

Cat Mendez  she/her
Social Media Supervisor

Catherine began her marketing career as one of the original team members at, conceptualizing and implementing unique, never-before-seen ad campaigns. After MySpace, she shifted gears and began working with top-tier brands like Cadbury Adams, The Chevron Corporation, Airborne, and The Cheesecake Factory to integrate multi-channel campaigns with entertainment properties. She has since also implemented social media and brought her well-rounded knowledge of entertainment and integrated marketing to a diverse range of clients.

Amber Barnes  she/her
Social Media Manager
Tristan Willis  he/him
Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Andrew Hemingway  he/him
Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Paul Walton  he/him
Blockchain Marketing Specialist

Tristan is a content strategy specialist with a focus on the DeFi and crypto industries. Combining his 8+ years of experience in digital marketing and community management with a passion for emergent technology, Tristan excels at bridging the gap between technical projects and broader audiences. Having worked with a number of distributed ledger projects on their content marketing, he brings a deep understanding of the unique needs of the space. 

Andrew comes to Lemonade with a background in marketing strategy for brands such as Paypal, Cedar's, Breville, and several more global brands. Over the last 5 years he has developed a specialty in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space working with many of the leading projects and helping to bring them to market and grow their communities. Andrew has deep relationships in the crypto space with business leaders, investors, and influencers.

Paul is a seasoned investment banker with decades of experience in London and New York preluding a crypto awakening at Consensus 2017. Since then, he’s merged crypto evangelism with a career dedicated to rethinking how technology can make business better.

Paul brings to the Lemonade Team exceptional business analysis, a keen knowledge and understanding of the fast-changing regulatory landscape, a strategic and intuitive understanding of branding within blockchain businesses, and an inherent knack at developing creative narratives to describe business character and USP.

Paul is also an ever disappointed Arsenal fan!


11 - Rowan Brooks v2.png
Rowan Brooks  he/him
Chief Creative Director & Co-Founder

As an award-winning director and producer, Rowan built Lemonade to tell compelling, personal stories that people want to share. He has an innate ability to find the truth and the narrative in everything we produce, whether it’s a documentary, a feature film, or a multi-channel launch for a bold new startup Rowan is always getting to the heart of the story.

756447_Christian Profile Picture3_062520
Christian Lester  he/him
Creative Director

A graduate from the School of Visual Arts, Christian brings a 20 year mix of creative entrepreneurialism and agency experience to the Lemonade stand.

Before joining the team Christian helped launch seven successfully backed crowdfunding campaigns, aided in bringing one mobile gaming app company to acquisition, and holds two product patents. With over a billion media impressions, his collaborative efforts have been featured on ABC's GMA, NBC's Today show, Food Network, The New York Times, Business Insider, and almost every major cooking and food publication for his most recent work with GIR: Get It Right.

Mariah Knight  she/her
Art Director  

Mariah is an art director, graphic designer, photographer, retoucher, illustrator, and bona fide maker who has both agency and in-house design experience. After graduating with a degree in Communication Arts and Graphic Design, she founded, designed, and managed a local art magazine that published for four years. In her spare time she teaches design courses as an adjunct professor at her alma mater. With a background in fine art, an early career in print and digital production, and a wealth of knowledge about branding and marketing, she’s never stopped learning how to think her way around problems and help businesses and brands speak their minds, in pixels or in print.

10 - Daniel Lafrentz.png
Daniel Lafrentz  he/him
Creative Director

Daniel’s specialty is getting to the heart of every client’s story. His narrative background helps find the human resonance in every project. He recently graduated from the UCLA School of Film & Television with an MFA in Directing and a handful of award-winning films under his belt. When he's not crafting commercials for today’s brightest brands he’s developing Southern Gothic neo-noirs. Daniel also does an amazing impression of Kermit the Frog. 

Christopher Staten  he/him

Christopher is a copywriter and creative thinker whose natural habitat is a comfy room with good music, a creative idea to noodle on, and his dog to keep him company.

With a background as an award-winning journalist and years honing his skills working with national CPGs, international higher-ed, and start-ups of all shapes and sizes, he’s a pro at telling impactful stories, developing creative concepts into meaningful campaigns, and pinpointing the essence of a brand through copy.

He brings to the team a passion for creative ideation, a belief in the intersection of liberal arts and behavioral sciences, and a joy for connecting with team members and clients to create the next cool thing.

726252_Lemonade Profile Pics2_051920.png
Radmila Zelic Josimov
Lead Web-Designer  she/her

Radmila fuses her background in graphic design and branding with expertise in UI/UX, to develop projects from the ground up. With over 10 years of experience, she’s well versed in both marketing and product design, and she's all about approaching problems from the user point of view and crafting solutions that effectively combine brand value, experience design, and storytelling. 

Client Services

781907_Profile Pic for Kris RohmanV3 2_0
Kris Rohman  he/him
COO / Head of Client Services

With nearly 20 years of helping brands, clients, and organizations achieve results in the advertising industry, Kris is thrilled to bring his operational and management expertise to Lemonade. 

Prior to joining the team, Kris was the VP, Client Services at HUGE and held the position of President at Linus, a boutique marketing agency specializing in science and healthcare. Before moving into executive roles, Kris project managed a wide range of digital initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, Revlon, Salesforce, Capital One, and Verizon.

Jenevieve Byrd   she/her
Director of Project Management

Jenevieve brings her love for all things people, process, and leadership to the Lemonade team, ensuring projects are completed on time, with maximum client satisfaction. After spending nearly a decade in leadership roles, Jenevieve knows what truly drives team performance and productivity — it's the daily strive to create and maintain a positive team culture and streamlined collaboration.

729158_Profile PIc - Shannon2_052220.png
Shannon Ino she/her
Project Manager

Shannon comes from a background in fashion and digital/experiential marketing with a passion for producing content and implementing efficient workflows. She is a creative problem-solver who understands the startup culture and thrives in a fast-paced environment. She loves geeking out over different apps and platforms that organize information and improve workflows.

798567_Lemonade Profil pic transparent_0
Alicia Lockabill  she/her
Project Manager

Alicia joins Lemonade from the Seattle tech scene, having worked with large enterprise companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Dell. Her background includes program and project management, social media, and content strategy. She combines this experience to create meaningful content, tell powerful stories, and streamline workflows. Previously, Alicia led the social media strategy for a highly-visible technology group and managed a partnership between two of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

Rachel Priest  she/her
Project Manager

Rachel brings her deep background in project management and operational change management to constantly adapt and evolve Lemonade’s team to each new challenge. With her love of all things creative, Rachel brings her passion and unique flare to every digital marketing campaign she touches, bringing delight to our clients, while enjoying the process and having fun with the team.


Hillary Pierce  she/her
Creative Producer

Hillary is a creative problem solver who firmly believes in thinking outside the box. In addition to 6 years working in film, her experience spans many industries from nonprofit fundraising at the American Conservatory Theater to leading localization efforts at Google. With this colorful career, life experience living overseas, and managing her Type 1 Diabetes from age 11, she brings a unique sensibility to storytelling through film. 

Zach Meyer  he/him

Zach is a commercial director and producer based in NYC. He has worked with clients including Swarovski, Peloton, and Tylenol along with countless startups, passion projects, and more. 

He is also wholly aware that his mustache is a catastrophe, but lost a bet last year and is sticking it out. He is expected to shave in late 2020.

Alex Moggridge  he/him
Creative Director

Alex Moggridge is a Brooklyn-based creative director, writer, and actor. He has created content for SAP, Clipper Card, Red Bull, Lyft, Google, LoftSmart, Spark Hire, and others. In the theatrical world, he has appeared on stages all over the world (plus the occasional turn as a suspect on a New York cop show), and his writing has been staged in New York, San Francisco, and Boise. Yes. Boise.

Alex is a fan of, in no particular order: funny things, birds, baseball, choral singing, and his stuffed cat, Eusebio.

Maria F. Leon  she/her
Creative Producer  

Maria is an Emmy Award nominee filmmaker with a 12-year track record of production expertise for broadcast television, social videos, documentaries and feature films from top studios like Independent Television Service, Lionsgate Films, Paramount Pictures, and Annapurna Pictures.

Maria has impeccable organization skills and a joyful disposition towards production. She is a passionate storyteller with published works by the East Bay Express and NPR. Most importantly, she believes in diversity and inclusion. She prioritizes those values in thought-provoking storytelling and through the hiring of diverse talent and inclusive crews.

Renato Soares   he/him
Lead Editor & VFX Producer

Renato’s love of gaming led him video editing. He wanted to blend the most cinematic moments in games and turn them into short narratives that people would love. Now, he applies his passion for visual storytelling to the vast range of content Lemonade creates for our clients and ourselves.. So whether he’s cutting a reality tv-spot featuring world-renowned influencers, making a hosted video series that introduces young kids to meditation, or creating high-octane, scroll-stoping ads for social, Renato is always creating something truly engaging.

03 - JT Bruce.png
JT Bruce  he/him
VFX Artist

JT Bruce is an animator, artist, filmmaker, and musician with an eye for the bizarre and an ear for the unusual. He grew up in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California, playing electric guitar and making movies with friends. In 2004 he graduated high school and drove south to attend San Diego State University. The next five years were spent earning a degree in film production, recording progressive metal albums, and animating like a madman.

Business Operations

14 - Lindsay Gunn Spiller.png
Lindsay Spiller  he/him
Legal Counsel to Lemonade

Lindsay’s lifelong passion for the arts, sports, and law combine to make him on one of the Bay Area’s most distinguished business and entertainment attorneys. A San Francisco native, Lindsay received his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, before moving to Washington D.C. to earn his law degree from Georgetown University. His career began as a professional sports agent, representing such clients as John Elway, Curt Warner, and Moses Malone. He’s also been a professional musician and a sailing captain, clocking over 25,000 miles at sea. Lindsay is licensed to practice law in California, with practices in San Francisco and Santa Monica.

Michie Shiota  she/her

For more than 20 years, Michie Shiota has been helping clients achieve their financial goals by driving practical and cost-saving results for their bookkeeping and business management needs. She believes that building client relationships is key; and that trust and collaboration is at the heart of every successful outcome.  When she’s not balancing books, Michie likes to keep a life balance by meditating, hiking, cooking and sewing.