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You don't need to fake fun

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Casino ads are the worst. You know the ones; gratuitous slow-motion shots of attractive people throwing chips in the air. We wanted to do something different; something that was really fun, not fake fun.

Our approach was to entertain not sell. Drawing inspiration from beloved TV shows like Seinfeld and Friends, we penned a series of comedic tv and radio spots (60s, 30s, & 15s) centered around fun-loving new parents Will and Sarah, and of course, their friends. Check out the 30s:

Casino M8trix is a beautiful place; it’s more than just an upscale card club.  It’s somewhere you go to experience luxury; fine dining, hand-rolled fresh sushi, trendy cocktails. It's a place to escape normal life or a night. That’s what inspired our stories.

A robust local TV and radio strategy supported the campaign and raised awareness through over 3 million guaranteed digital views, igniting a long-term media strategy that included TV, radio and print.

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Radio Ads

Couples (Radio)
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Guys (Radio)
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Girls (Radio)
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Rowan Brooks

Trevor Dudeck


A fully integrated

campaign consisting of:

9 TV spots

6 radio spots

4 print ads

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