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Valerie WilsonTravel

Modernizing a legacy brand


For nearly 40 years VWT has been pioneering and revolutionizing the travel industry so when they wanted to completely revamp their online presence, they turned to a pioneering and revolutionary agency, us!


Prior to rolling up our sleeves, VWT’s suite of services were spread across disparate digital locations, so our first task was unifying them into a single streamlined user-experience. Respecting the brand’s, blue-chip clientele, and heritage as a premier destination for personal and corporate travel services, we crafted a visual brand identity that would also connect with eager millennial/Gen-Z travelers. 

As one of our nation’s foremost travel agencies (12 offices, 300+ staff), Valerie Wilson Travel’s commitment to sharing the joy of travel inspired us to breathe new life into a user-experience that previews exactly the sort of painless travel experience VWT customers may expect.

VWT has spent decades standing at the forefront of the global hospitality industry, and with our efforts to integrate & modernize their online presence, they are poised to succeed for decades to come.


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VWT - After.png

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Brand Strategy

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