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Tempo Automation

Giving printed circuit boards the car commercial treatment


The term "revolutionary" is too commonly used these days. Ditto for "game-changing" and "disruptive". So, when Tempo asked us to create a video showing how their software-based design technology has changed the PCB (printed circuit board) industry, we knew we had to avoid the clichés – no matter how applicable.

Yes, the founders are young, energetic, and brilliant, but does that mean their brand anthem should be set to the latest dubstep cut? No. Frankly, it means that we must avoid yet another well-worn trope.

Our approach was to underline Tempo's sophistication by showcasing their powerful technology and describing how it works; the elegant dance of man working with machine.

When your clients are world-class companies like NASA and Lockheed Martin, they don't care about how disruptive you are; they care about you getting the job done with precision, intelligence, and efficiency. That is what we focused on in this stunning piece for Tempo.



Rowan Brooks

Stephen Berke

Trevor Dudeck

Paul T. Layland

JT Bruce


Brand Anthem Video

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