We Can Eat Meat But Should We?

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We Can Eat Meat But Should We?

Making the case without using the v-word

Olympic jiu-jitsu gold medalist Dave Meyer wants you to care more about animals and so do we.

He asked us to create a video campaign explaining the benefits of not eating meat, or any animal food products, not just to show more compassion for animals but for the health and wellbeing of us and our planet. 

We developed a unique animation-over-live-action style to illustrate David's thought-provoking ideas on-screen in real time. We made the 15-minute piece modular allowing it to be shared in bite-sized pieces by topic on social. 

Within the first week of the campaign, we secured engagement on YouTube with over 100,000 views of three of the seven videos. They are still being shared online, cementing David's rep[utation as a thought leader in animal advocacy.

Follow and support the cause at thesmarterdiet.com.



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