Forced View Virgin America Content Strategy

LinkedIn Demand-Gen Campaign

Digital Billboards


Rowan Brooks

Chief Creative Director


Trevor Dudeck

Chief Strategist

Produced by:

Evolve Media

Sift Science is a new big company to watch. ATO (Account Take Over) is emerging as the major new threat to cyber security. The dark web is no longer just a marketplace for stolen credit card numbers; for a few bucks hackers easily buy and sell any private data for nefarious means. .


So, when Sift Science asked us to create an edgy 30-second spot for a forced-view placement on Virgin Airlines, we were ready to bring some razor-sharp edge to an already scary subject!

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Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 9.57.36 AM.png
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As our creative work began, we realized quickly that we didn’t need fear to dominate the spot that was going to be there anyway. We decided that such a bitter pill needed a little sugar and opted, as we often do, for some comic relief.


The spot opens with our lone protagonist peering into his laptop to learn of all the fraudulent activity that his account has been used for around the web.

When we realised he could travel to each location in his mind and take us with him,

suddenly, thousands of hysterical and absurd situations came to minds. We had to settle on just four for timing, bit of course one of them was the Nigerian Prince.


Timed with a video launch on LinkedIn and digital billboards in the Las Vegas McCaren Airport for the Merchant Risk Council conference, an event targeting potential clients for Sift’s suite of security products, the campaign was a tremendous success.