Our Process

As award-winning filmmakers and writers, we bring over thirty years of storytelling experience and provide access to top-tier Hollywood talent.

Glenn F. Clements
Commercial Director
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JT Bruce
VFX Supervisor
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 JT Bruce is an animator, artist, filmmaker, and musician with an eye for the bizarre and an ear for the unusual. He grew up in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California, playing electric guitar and making movies with friends. In 2004 he graduated high school and drove south to attend San Diego State University. The next five years were spent earning a degree in film production, recording progressive metal albums, animating like a madman, and partying like a champion.

Ty Bardi
Creative/Branded Content Director
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Ty Bardi is a writer, director and general hands-on creative director with 15 years of agency and production experience. He has worked on big and small campaigns across every marketing channel, from Facebook ads for startups to spots that ran during the Super Bowl to create some truly outstanding work. His approach to his work is based on a desire to tell human stories above all else, even when it’s about something abstract that doesn’t involve any humans. It can be funny or heart-warming or dramatic, but it still has to be real and human. Because in the end, that’s the only way to get other humans to care about it.