Creative Direction, Strategy


Creative Director, Mike Goldberg, likes to keep things fresh

Mentos saw an opportunity to make an impact by recruiting freshman Sam as a brand ambassador to hand out 43,000 bottles of Mentos Gum at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. If successful, a DJ Khaled concert for his school and a year of free tuition was on the line. The challenge was how to document more than 20 events in a 10 day span, upload all of them in real time and create a global social media phenomena. The strategy: no obstacle will stop Sam from handing out Mentos. Mike headed up a team of 15. He wrote and directed 21 videos in 10 days capturing this epic event. The campaign was a major success as Sam gave out all 43,000 bottles of Mentos Gum with the first video alone capturing 2 million views in a day.




Mike Goldberg

Production Company: Flipeleven


Fully integrated campaign

  • :60, :30, :15 spots

  • Site

  • Print ads

  • Collateral

  • Social

  • Experiential

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