Jockey’s Skimmies

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Jockey’s Skimmies

Alyson Hannigan Chases Jockey's Audience on Instagram

Alyson Hannigan running to save strangers from embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions armed with a pair of Skimmies. What's not to love about that?  

Glenn Clements, Director of the viral sensation Carpool Karaoke directed, and Emmy-nominated editor, Guy Harding, cut all four spots in just two weeks, hitting an aggressive deadline to become part of the first wave of video ads on IG. 

Lemonade partnered with friends Evolve Media and Laird + Partners to produce. 

Take a glimpse behind the scenes.


Laird + Partners

Evolve Media

Trevor Dudeck




  • :15 sec spots

  • Social Media

  • Content Strategy

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