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Crypto Marketing 

Digital marketing for the decentralized age

New Space
New Challenges

We understand that the crypto space has unique marketing needs. Things move quickly, the audience is critical, and building a strong community is king. That’s why we’ve built on our experience in the digital marketing space to deliver crypto-specific strategies that will give your project the foundation it needs for sustained success.


Subject Matter

Our blockchain and crypto SMEs work closely with your team to craft a marketing strategy that is not only unique to the crypto space, but to your product within it.


The crypto space is filled with rushed products and get-rich-quick schemes. But it's also filled with a lot of opportunity. We aim to partner with projects that are focused on building real, long-term growth and work to deliver that for them at every turn.


Lemonade’s audit process has been sought after by brands like TikTok and Facebook as well as prominent projects in the crypto space. This 30-60 day process involves a deep dive into your project and its competitive landscape to identify any gaps and equip our team with everything we need to deliver a bespoke, strategic marketing plan that can deliver on your goals.

Project & Brand Audit (Our Most Popular Package)

Whitepaper Audit

Our industry experts will conduct a critical review of your whitepaper to ensure that you are communicating your value proposition clearly and succinctly without any common red flags. We also use this process to identify potential points of criticism from the community and develop strategies to get ahead of them before they begin.

Community Growth Strategy

In crypto, building a strong core community is essential. Beyond our usual social media services, we also provide strategic insights into your existing community and equip you with the tools to develop a dedicated group of HODLers on Discord, Telegram, and Reddit through engaging content and active management. 

Influencer Marketing

There is no higher ROI in the crypto space than influencer marketing, particularly for early-stage projects. Having a trusted voice behind your brand is critical to breaking out of the crowd and getting investors interested in your project. We work closely with prominent influencers to ensure that when your project is featured, they are saying all the right things.

Interview & AMA Prep

As your marketing partner, we make it our business to understand your project better than anyone. We take that knowledge and use it to create clear communication guidelines for both your team members and influencers. With these in place, you can be sure that interviews and AMAs will always communicate your brand effectively and leave the right impression. 

Digital Marketing

Lemonade specializes in retainer-based digital marketing services for projects that we feel well-aligned with. We begin by developing a 90-day roadmap that will set your project up for long-term success. We then follow that up with a 6 to 12-month marketing plan that delivers consistent multi-channel marketing to support your project as it achieves its goals. 

Content Production

Lemonade offers complete written, video, photo, and animation content production services in-house to support the strategic goals that we set with you as part of our marketing strategy. Our team’s expertise comes from a combination of Hollywood TV and film experts and crypto and blockchain SME’s who know how to deliver the perfect blend for your target audience.

NFT-Supported Campaigns

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) give brands a way to create unique, tangible pieces of content that can be integrated into digital strategy in a number of ways. Lemonade works closely with NFT production and distribution partners to create rare digital prizes, collectible coupons, and a variety of other NFT assets to add a new dimension to digital campaigns.

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